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Together for life

Children affected by cancer need our help. We can not restore health or lost childhood But we can make it possible to increase survival rates by purchasing infusomats and injectomats, medical devices that contribute in essential ways to chemotherapy, efficiently and accurately, as a first step towards curing their cancer.

Big hearts for children smiles

Bucharest, November 25, 2013:"Big hearts for children smiles" is the project of Wings for Life Association implemented in the pediatric clinic I.C. Fundeni, bringing significant improvements in terms of treatment for the children and young people hospitalized in this institute. Through this project we aimed to normalize the conditions of treatment and healing for children and young people affected by cancer, as we find in any of the European clinics as well as increasing physical comfort because the hospitalization periods are long and difficult to endure by the patients.

Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy project organized by “Wings for Life Association” for children and young people affected by leukemia, cancer and other serious illnesses, hospitalized in the Pediatric Clinic of the I.C. Fundeni, even that meant joy for children, for ourselves and for all those who made it possible to organize this beautiful activity, I'm sure of this. A magician had came, we have played, we danced, we painted, has come in visit the theater with Puss in Boots play, and in the end Santa Claus himself. Christmas magic, whole was a miracle or simply the joy of loving your closest.

When a child beats cancer

I met Andreea in December 2009, at our first event. During intravenous treatment with chemotherapy she has been through hard times, enduring much, but with courage and help, this year, in December, the treatment has over and no more chemotherapy. The photos that we have posted are telling a lot about the evolution of Andreea.

I miss my childhood

"I miss my childhood." Thank you to those who gave a great show, those who helped to prepare gifts for children, those present there, who have painted them, prepared balloons and those who made cookies. Thank you for the few hours we spent together in the pediatric ward of I.C. Fundeni near children who learned too early how to suffer, but so loving, so careful to the eyes in tears of their mothers, who watching them. The words are too poor to describe their joy. On behalf of all the children thank you!

Love is seen in small gestures

On April 22 we were visiting our little friends hospitalized to the pediatric ward of the I.C. Fundeni.
We organized a show for them, with dances, theater, magic and we tried to make them forget, for a moment, the infusion and punctures.
We catch them with the games and we delighted them with our gifts.
All 130 packages contained: hygiene products, juice, water, sweets and toys.

Children Joy

The project "Children's smile" I gave all children hospitalized in the department of Pediatric Oncology Institute Fundeni packages with toys, fruit, yogurt and hygiene products.

Santa Claus comes to children with cancer

Children affected by cancer dreams of hospital bed to a magical Christmas gift: HEALTH. We can not restore health, no celebrations around the tree with family, no ordinary life or childhood lost and we can not promise that for them will be the last Christmas ...

Be Santa Claus for children with cancer

The project took place in the pediatric ward of IC Fundeni and translated someday "different" than the infusions and treatments for hospitalized children. A sad day when the faces of angels and pale with courage and hope appeared shy smile which then turned into a hot shave that filled our eyes with tears so new and their mothers.

New Kitchen I.C. Fundeni


Central Venous Catheters

Until 31 December 2012, a total of 36 children have benefited from the Association WINGS FOR LIFE of central venous catheters. Central venous catheters used in collecting blood for testing, the administration of chemotherapy and supportive medications, transfusions essential healing of children affected by cancer. thank all the children's names

Together for life 2014

Bucharest August 18, 2014 - WINGS FOR LIFE Association earlier this year initiated the project "Together for Life" which aims to raise funds worth EUR 150,000 for the purchase of medical equipment destined Department of Pediatrics II of the IC Fundeni consisting of six stations each comprising three infusomate and an autoinjector, 36 and 20 injectomats infusomate, medical devices that properly administered, safe and effective treatment with chemotherapy for children and young people with leukemia, cancers and other serious diseases.