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Together for life

Children affected by cancer need our help.
we can not restore health or lost childhood …
But we can make it possible to increase survival rates by purchasing infusomate and injectomats , medical devices contribute in essential ways to chemotherapy , efficiently and accurately , as a first step towards curing their cancer. < / P>

WINGS FOR LIFE Association wants this project to change the conditions of treatment and quality of care , thus meeting the remarkable efforts that doctors do to help these children.
beneficiaries of this project are over 500 children with leukemia , cancer and other serious illnesses diagnosed and treated in the Department of Pediatrics Pediatric Clinic II Institute Fundeni 6th floor which is divided in hematology 36 beds body A1 ( 5 salons and 3 reserves) and bone marrow transplant – C consisting of 6 reserves sterile , but not only them but all patients will need chemotherapy in the coming years these infusomate with long duration operation . Objectives: six stations ( each station includes 3 infusomate and 1 syringe ), 36 and 20 injectomats infusomate medical devices that are administered properly, safe and effective treatment with chemotherapy and hydration for kids affected by cancer patients . < / B >
Pediatric Clinic of the Institute Fundeni hospitalized annually over 5000 children from all over the country , the largest clinic in addressing our country. < / p>

transparent project immediately achievable , medical devices are found in our country , but we lack the necessary funds.
project implementation costs amounted to € 150,000. < / b > < / p>

The story is not far from reality , hundreds of children with cancer spend their childhood in hospitals, mature early, and the great ones endure treatments could not resist . We want to contribute together to save them , relieving their suffering during chemotherapy and giving them a chance for life . < / p>

Be generous ! Give your bit to save their and someday they will thank you ! < / B > < / p>

Over time association WINGS FOR LIFE has developed projects that have increased the quality of life of children and young people affected by cancer and its treatment standards that we find in European Union hospitals . < / p>

Donations can be made in the accounts : WINGS FOR LIFE ASSOCIATION ,
TAX 26481900
LEI RO88RNCB0521114607820001 BCR
EURO RO34 RNCB0521114607820003 BCR
< / p> For details please contact us by email or phone nicoleta.vlad @ : 0723.300.259
Follow us on / aripispreviata < / a> or < / p>

thank all < / b >
Nicole Vlad
Wings For Life Association
< / p>

Big hearts for children smiles

Wings for Life Association have successfully completed the “Big hearts for children smiles” project. Bucharest, November 25, 2013:”Big hearts for children smiles” is the project of Wings for Life Association implemented in the pediatric clinic I.C. Fundeni, bringing significant improvements in terms of treatment for the children and young people hospitalized in this institute.
“Through this project we aimed to normalize the conditions of treatment and healing for children and young people affected by cancer, as we find in any of the European clinics as well as increasing physical comfort because the hospitalization periods are long and difficult to endure by the patients. I come up with concrete solutions in order to achieve safe and accurate to obtain maximum results and to avoid consequences that can influence children for life” said Nicoleta Vlad, President of Wings for Life Association.
“Big hearts for children smiles” managed to raise the amount of 95 000 euro, money used for rehabilitation, renovation, modernization and equipping of six wards and three reserves in the pediatric department of I.C. Fundeni, situated on the 6th floor, A1, on the right side. This project has succeeded to fundamentally change the conditions used to treat the children with cancer. The results speak for themselves, before starting the project were two bathrooms, one for girls and one for boys, with 3 toilets each, and two showers for a total of 42 beds occupied. Along with hospital management was considered that a radical change is required, according to European standards. With this purpose, for a significant decrease of risk infection it was built a bathroom in every room. Renovation work continued with the change of PVC windows, doors, heating, electrical, plumbing and lighting replacement. To protect from infection and bacteria tiniest patients walls were entirely covered with antibacterial wallpaper and on the floor after removal of the existing linoleum was installed a PVC antibacterial carpet, according to the new operating rules.
In these three hospital reserves were mounted Linea plinths for suction, vacuum and oxygen monitoring severe cases.
“Wings for Life Association project represents a step toward normality and allowed improving the quality of medical services in the Pediatric Clinic of I.C. Fundeni. 6 halls and three reserves have been fully renovated and equipped with bathroom and 3 reserves were equipped with specific equipment necessary to treat critical patients. On behalf of our small medical team and patients thank all those who have supported this project and special thanks to Mrs. Nicoleta Vlad, the initiator and soul of this action” said Dr. Anca Colita, Pediatrics Clinic Director at I.C. Fundeni.
I can not tell you the feelings of excitement and fulfillment! Through this project we managed to increase the survival rate up to 80 %. Thanks everyone else who honored us with confidence, now, more than ever, to ensure that we continue to support the efforts of outstanding physicians in Pediatrics Clinic Director of I.C. Fundeni do to rescue over 5,000 children annually hospitalized here, 600 children with leukemia, cancer and other serious diseases, the clinic most addressability related cancers in children in our country, adding Nicoleta Vlad, President Wings for Life Association.

The final budget of 95,000 Euros was collected after these campaigns:
The campaign took place between December 2010 – March 2011 resulted in the amount of 45,000 euros
The campaign took place between December 2011 – June 2012 resulted in the amount of 47,000 euros
The campaign took place between March 2013 – June 2013 resulted in the amount of 3,000 euros

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New Kitchen I.C. Fundeni


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Central Venous Catheters

Until 31 December 2012, a total of 36 children have benefited from the Association WINGS FOR LIFE of central venous catheters.
Central venous catheters used in collecting blood for testing, the administration of chemotherapy and supportive medications, transfusions essential healing of children affected by cancer.

thank all the children’s names

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Together for life 2014

Bucharest August 18, 2014 – WINGS FOR LIFE Association earlier this year initiated the project “Together for Life” which aims to raise funds worth EUR 150,000 for the purchase of medical equipment destined Department of Pediatrics II of the IC Fundeni consisting of six stations each comprising three infusomate and an autoinjector, 36 and 20 injectomats infusomate, medical devices that properly administered, safe and effective treatment with chemotherapy for children and young people with leukemia, cancers and other serious diseases.

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Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy project organized by “Wings for Life Association” for children and young people affected by leukemia, cancer and other serious illnesses, hospitalized in the Pediatric Clinic of the IC Fundeni, even that meant joy for children, for ourselves and for all those who made it possible to organize this beautiful activity , I`m sure of this. A magician had came, we have played, we danced, we painted, has come in visit the theater with Puss in Boots play, and in the end Santa Claus himself. Christmas magic, whole was a miracle or simply the joy of loving your closest.
Children have forgotten needle and cannula, we forgot about us, through their laughter among the sound of bags from desire to reach as soon as possible to their gifts.
The packages contained painted box filled with various sweets (Kinder chocolate, croissants, biscuits, lollipops, Barni biscuits, Magura , Milka Choco, orange cookies, Christmas figurine, Santa Claus made of chocolate, sticks, etc. ) bag of hygiene products (toothbrush and toothpaste, liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel) plush toy (teddy bear or puppy), yoghurts, fruit (apples, bananas, oranges), scarves for every mothers, whether the little girls was dancing wrapped in them. It was beautiful … thank you!
Thanks to everyone who every time you are close to us, and we wish you good health and joy in the soul.
On behalf of the children, thank you!

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When a child beats cancer

I met Andreea in December 2009, at our first event. During intravenous treatment with chemotherapy she has been through hard times, enduring much, but with courage and help, this year, in December, the treatment has over and no more chemotherapy. The photos that we have posted are telling a lot about the evolution of Andreea. “Wings for Life Association” has offered central venous catheter and all the medication necessary, which the hospital was not been able to offer in these three years of treatment (dexamethasone tablets, methotrexate tablets, vincristine, oncoxin, viusid, liv 52 syrup, caphosol, purinethol tablets), for all these medication Andreea had medical recommendation.
Although we always kept in touch with her mother and I sent packages with what she needed, I was very happy to see her again in December, when she has come for regular medical check. Her hair has grown and she looks extraordinarily changed. Her mother always said “do not know how to thank you”, but she does not has to thank me, my satisfaction is that Andreea is fine, now.
Thank you again to all those who make these miracles possible!

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Love is seen in small gestures

On April 22 we were visiting our little friends hospitalized to the pediatric ward of the I.C. Fundeni. We organized a show for them, with dances, theater, magic and we tried to make them forget, for a moment, the infusion and punctures. We catch them with the games and we delighted them with our gifts. All 130 packages contained: hygiene products, juice, water, sweets and toys. When we were visiting to them we saw the beautiful painted plaster figurines and the balls with lights and glitter have been a great source of fun.
Thank you to everyone who made this day possible, for all of us, both wonderful and joyful. We consider extremely important emotional recovery of these children, obviously together with necessary treatments and medical procedures, sometimes very painful.
Thank you again!

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I miss my childhood

Thank you to those who gave a great show, those who helped to prepare gifts for children, those present there, who have painted them, prepared balloons and those who made cookies. Thank you for the few hours we spent together in the pediatric ward of I.C. Fundeni near children who learned too early how to suffer, but so loving, so careful to the eyes in tears of their mothers, who watching them. The words are too poor to describe their joy.
On behalf of all the children thank you!

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Children Joy

At 22.02.2010 the project “Children’s smile” I gave all children hospitalized in the department of Pediatric Oncology Institute Fundeni packages with toys, fruit, yogurt and hygiene products. We performed 96 such parcels. Also, during this action I found a baby abandoned we occupied for two months while he was hospitalized infants in section I sure as far as possible, pamapers, milk, food, wipes, clothes and a bit of our time.

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Santa Claus comes to children with cancer

Children affected by cancer dreams of hospital bed to a magical Christmas gift: HEALTH. We can not restore health, no celebrations around the tree with family, no ordinary life or childhood lost and we can not promise that for them will be the last Christmas …
BUT we can alleviate suffering together!

Join Wings For Life Association , Monday, December 17th starting at 14.30, Fundeni Institute 6th Floor, Department of Pediatrics to organize a show, share gifts and enjoy moment we have been given.

you can be for them that Christmas is not celebrated it at home or you can never give a child with cancer last Christmas! We will hold 150 packages with toys, hygiene products, fruits and sweets.

Be generous! Give their moment of joy for your little more, come to know them

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Be Santa Claus for children with cancer

We organized a special show where the elves and fairies danced, they played and got balloons, listened plays were caught up in the game of magic and then they met Santa Christmas thanks to some special people who came laden with gifts for both children and mothers ( 150 packages ) .
Did not miss face painting and playing with colors mixed. I made pictures that later they received in memory of this day unforgettable .

Santa brought packages contained: a plush toy, two bottles of juice, 5 yoghurts, biscuits, a box of chocolates, croissants , waffles , mini chek , chocolate baby , apples , tangerines , oranges , bananas, liquid soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush, shower gel, bar Nesquick, antibacterial gel, book of poetry and storybooks.

Every time we emotions and think how much this day means to these children come from all over the country who need fairies and elves, Santa, we like to be able to move more easily across treatments harrowing and look with hope toward tomorrow.They are our life lessons , their joy brings fulfillment in our hearts…. not just a dream.

Thanks to everyone who helped us in this project